About Us

Sharp Sneaker is Next-gen Web 3.0 Fitness Brand. People need to load up their Solana Wallets with our NFTs & have to Run, Walk or Burn Calories to earn $SHS (Community Token) & $SHSU(Fitness Utility Token).

Players can swap their Earning from in-app swap or with use of any Exchange outside App.

How we burn $SHS & $SHSU.

Users need to make in-app Purchase to upgrade their Sneakers.

In-app Purchase means upgrading sneakers from one level to another, Swapping SHS with SHSU or vice versa.
Gain Legendary status from in-app Purchases.


Level Up

Magic Box



JUNE (Phase - 1)

  • Community Building
  • Team Building
  • Token Airdrop

JUNE (Phase - 2)

  • Sensor Design
  • Sensor Test
  • Ui Design

JUNE (Phase - 3)

  • NFT Design
  • NFT Linking to

JULY (Phase - 4)

  • Beta App Test
  • Bug Fixing

JULY (Phase - 5)

  • NFT Public Mint 
  • Token Listing
  • Beta app Launch

aUG (Phase - 6)

  • PlayStore & AppStore Launch
  • MajorApp Update

Sneaker Design

When User will reach to a legendary level of 50, They will be able to design their own Sneakers .

User can add their customized sneakers into market place. 


There Will be 4 main Shoes for our Beta-1 Phase which are :

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Super Legendary

They all have Different Recharge Power & Different Ability to Gain $SHS & $SHSU

Magic Box

There Will be Weekly AirDrops of Magic Box to users when they reach certain Km/miles or calories 

Magic Box Contains Recharge , $SHS (Rarely) & $SHSU  

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To educate people about Health along with  a leading Tech-world of Web 3.0.
What could be better than Sharp Sneakers Club to learn both in same Platform.

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